Course Schedule

= Week 1: 1/22 =
Introduction and course concepts; the state of innovation; entrepreneurial thinking; democratization of media tools; the course website and TRACS Forum

Assignment: Find examples of in-demand digital innovation to share in two weeks


= Week 2: 1/29 =
Speaker 1: Becca Aaronson, product manager, Texas Tribune, interviewed by Cindy Royal


= Week 3: 2/5 =
Media economics; media production; success stories; tools of media entrepreneurship

Media Economics Ch. 1 Introduction and Overview; Ch. 2 Demand and Supply (chapters also on TRACS)

Intersection of Technology and Media
Startups Need to Address Real Needs, Nieman Lab.

Ethics and entrepreneurship, Net Neutrality, Regulations

Small online businesses worried about end of Net Neutrality

Internet Service Providers support repeal of Net Neutrality

Democratization of digital tools

Google & Facebook DOMINATE online advertising

Students share digital innovations today


= Week 4: 2/12 =
Speaker 2: Ricky Holm, CEO of Chocolate Milk and Donuts, a virtual reality startup, interviewed by Jon Zmikly


= Week 5: 2/19 = VIRTUAL CLASS

Design Thinking
A brief history of design thinking.

Innovators, not innovations at Stanford Design School.

And, drawbacks of placing design over function

Assignment: Students look for and present on innovative designs: Could be a website, mobile site or app but could also be an elegant service to present next week


= Week 6: 2/26 =
Speaker 3: Taylor Shanklin, VP of Product Marketing & Strategy, Pursuant (Texas State grad)

Students share examples of good design today


= Week 7: 3/5 = VIRTUAL CLASS
Researching an Idea
Want to Come Up With a New Startup Idea? Throw Away a Bunch of Bad Ones.

For inspiration, look through all 403 pitches made to the SXSW Accelerator Pitch Award

Idea for final report due tonight


= Week 8: 3/12 =              ** SPRING BREAK NO CLASS **


= Week 9: 3/19 =
Creating a Business Plan
3 Elements of Every Successful Business Plan.
8 Free Business Plan Templates for Startups.

Seeking Venture Capital: Crowdfunding: What Is It and What It’s Not.


= Week 10: 3/26 =
Speaker 4: Penny Riordan, Director of Digital Audience Engagement, Gatehouse Media


= Week 11: 4/2 =
Students present business plans in class

Introduction to app design tools:


= Week 12: 4/9 =
Speaker 5: R.B. Brenner, director, School of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin, interviewed by Kelly Kaufhold

Entrepreneurial Journalism: How J-Schools are Helping Students Develop Entrepreneurial Skills


= Week 13: 4/16 = VIRTUAL CLASS

In honor of Hugh Forrest, from South by Southwest, coming next:

Study the 50 Startup Finalists for this year’s SXSW Accelerator Pitch Award, and;

Look through the history of SXSW, especially starting with Interactive (and Film) in 1994


= Week 14: 4/23 =
Speaker 6: Hugh Forrest, chief programming officer, South by Southwest Festival


= Week 15: 4/30 =
The Role of Intrapreneurship – innovating inside a company


= Week 16: 5/7 = Special meeting time 5 – 7:30 p.m. (Final exam class period)

Present and submit your entrepreneurial proposals

Final papers due